You Make Blue Go! Getting to Know the Fleming Custodial Team

Many of us know the Fleming Building on Thompson St. as the home of central administration for the university. What does it take to keep this nerve center clean, safe and ready for action, day in and day out?

Teamwork and a great attitude. Meet the Fleming custodial team: Linda Jackson, Glenn Mijal and Cassandra Gibson.

Their work is not always easy. The processes of cleaning and maintaining the building can be physically difficult. And it can be challenging when the essential role they play goes unrecognized because it takes place largely behind the scenes.

But the professionals on the Fleming custodial team share a deep sense of commitment to the university and pride in the services they provide. Mijal, a “lifelong Wolverines fan,” appreciates the U-M atmosphere and the safety of campus. Gibson is motivated by the opportunities the university provides to staff to transfer jobs and become more well-rounded.

Linda Jackson supervises the custodial teams in both Fleming and Wolverine Tower. Her colleagues recognize her commitment to the university and to her teams, and the way she inspires others to go the extra mile and strive for the best. “The part of my job that I’m most proud of is when I can make Linda Jackson a happy supervisor!” says Gibson.

Outside of work hours, Mijal, Gibson and Jackson are family members, weekend musicians and entrepreneurs. They are committed to bettering themselves and working toward professional development. Above all they are wholeheartedly dedicated to the university and their role in Making Blue Go. Mijal says he is most “proud to say I’ve served for a decade!”

From all of us in B&F, thank you to the Fleming custodial team! Without your skills and dedication, the university administration couldn’t function or flourish. We appreciate you!

This is part of a three-part series profiling a few of the terrific custodial teams in B&F in honor of National Custodial Worker’s Recognition Day on Oct 2. Read on to learn more about custodian Tammy Christie and the Wolverine Tower custodial team