Who Ya Gonna Call?


While the U.S. Postal Service cancelled service during the last polar vortex, Facilities Service Center (FSC) staff came to work prepared to handle challenging circumstances!

The FSC is part of Facilities & Operations Maintenance and answers your calls and processes work requests 24/7/365 for the Ann Arbor campus. They field requests ranging from snow and pest removal needs, to power outages, to stop signs flapping in the wind, triaging and dispatching staff to keep campus functioning all day, every day. 

In January 2019, the service center answered over 7,000 phone calls and created over 6,000 work orders (which includes processing 2,300 online requests). 

Work requests to the service center are evaluated based on the urgency and nature of the request and are then routed to the appropriate F&O department.

 This group is a small but mighty piece of the behind-the-scenes magic that happens in F&O to Make Blue Go!