We Make Blue Safe: Moving & Trucking at the Big House

At every home football game, you’ll find our B&F colleagues in the Moving and Trucking department helping to ensure that everyone at the Big House stays safe.

It takes a fleet of trucks to carry the full assortment of heavy barricades and traffic control devices used for each game. To increase overall security and the safety of pedestrians, Moving and Trucking sets up protective measures along the west side of the stadium. Northbound Main Street from Stadium to Pauline closes three hours before the game, while southbound Main Street closes one hour before the game.

Less than a minute after the closures commence, the Moving and Trucking team starts to unload barricades and traffic control devices and strategically place them along Main Street. The crew then disassembles and reloads the whole setup before the end of the game to facilitate a smooth exit for 100,000 fans.

The team gets a shout-out from Ann Arbor Police Sergeant Bill Clock, who says, “Moving and Trucking sets up the Main Street closure with great expertise and packs it up with that same expertise . . . without their work, our community would not be as safe.”

The Ann Arbor Police Department collaborates with the Division of Public Safety and Security and Moving and Trucking to make these protective services run smoothly. The model has been so successful that other universities have contacted Moving and Trucking for advice with setting up their own event protections.

In addition to their critical role on game days, the Moving and Trucking team facilitates office and lab moves, assembles scaffolding, moves elevator equipment, helps out the solar car team and assists all Skilled Trades. They also assist in securing the area around quintessential Ann Arbor events including graduation, the Ann Arbor Art Fair, the Winter Classic, Top of the Park and freshman orientation, just to name a few!

Our thanks to Moving and Trucking from all of us in B&F! Thanks for all your hard work to Make Blue Go!