UMSI Student Projects at the Shared Services Center

The School of Information (UMSI) is known for their student projects. As part of their coursework, students request submissions from the university community for projects related to their curriculum. This is a win-win for both the students and for schools and units across campus. Students have the opportunity to develop, create, and play; applying the knowledge they have gained over the semester in real life scenarios. Units, schools, and colleges gain the benefit of fresh, cutting edge thinking, and are able to obtain help in areas of need. This past semester, the Shared Services had the privilege of working with two such teams: Drupal Site Building and Contextual Inquiry and User Needs Assessment.

The Drupal Site Building class received over 500 submitted requests for the students to build their site, so the SSC was thrilled to be one of the chosen 30.  The students created personas, suggested significant additions and features to help with issues, and developed the architecture and content management to improve the existing website.

The Contextual Inquiry and User Needs Assessment students provided innovative solutions for the complex communications with SSC customers.  The SSC offers various business services, and the associated communication methods and flows were in need of strategy development and streamlining.

Both UMSI student teams provoked discussion and created some new thinking for solutions that will be implemented as the SSC continues in its commitment of ridiculously awesome customer service.