Tiny Talks, Big Impact

At the Shared Services Center, a unique learning opportunity called “Tiny Talks” connects and engages staff from all levels. A Tiny Talk is a live, 10-minute lunchtime webinar delivered monthly via BlueJeans. Staff share their passions on things both work-related, like how to write a killer cover letter, and from outside of work, like tips for everyday fitness. Anyone at the SSC can deliver or watch a Tiny Talk.

Tiny Talks provide valuable public speaking experience in a non-intimidating environment. The presenter is speaking to a group, but the group isn’t directly in front of them. The Talks also help with networking among the SSC’s 240 staff, as presenters are frequently sought out by their colleagues for additional follow-up. 

The SSC’s Learning and Communication team helped lay the groundwork for Tiny Talks in early 2018 before shifting ownership to a separate committee that handles production and promotion. The committee works hard to prep each presenter for their Tiny Talk and walk through the BlueJeans experience. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to set up for a talk which ends with a brief for the viewers on how to use BlueJeans live.

Tiny Talks currently engage about 20 live viewers each month, with many more watching once the videos are posted on the SSC’s internal website. Once the talk is over, the committee edits the video and posts it online. While most Tiny Talks are limited to internal SSC viewing, George Gueorgiev, a member of the Accounting Customer Service team, has agreed to share his story about his path to American citizenship as an example.

Kudos to everyone at the SSC who has contributed to the success of this awesome learning and engagement program!