Take the time to finish the B&F Understanding the Faculty Program

03-15-uf-graphAs of March 25, 2015, 41% of B&F colleagues (1373) have completed the B&F Understanding the Faculty Program. With just over one quarter remaining in this fiscal year, B&F is close to meeting one of the overarching B&F strategic goals of at least 50% of B&F staff completing the program by June of 2015.

Feedback from staff who have completed this B&F staff development program has been positive. 67% of the 450 staff that provided feedback agreed that the program has made them better able to serve the university. 78% agreed that it has successfully increased their understanding of the U-M professors and issues they face.

Have you finished the training yet? Be encouraged and see what others had to say about completing this specially designed B&F staff development program.

  • “It was nice to hear faculty speak directly on the issues they face and how we can work together to achieve goals”.
  • “For those of us that do not have a lot of interaction with faculty, this training helps to provide additional insight into their work and how we support them”.
  • “Understanding the whole picture helps us to keep the focus on the UM and not just our area”.
  • “The videos gave me a better understanding of what faculty go through on a daily basis”.
  • “When we don’t interact directly with faculty we can lose line of sight. This is helpful to keep information in front of us”.

If you haven’t yet,  please take advantage of this opportunity and complete the Understanding the Faculty Program and let us know what you think.