SSC Team Makes Blue Green

The SSC Green team is playfully serious in fulfilling their mission to promote environmentally sustainable practices at the SSC through education, awareness and action.  

This six-member team of motivated volunteers meets once a month to find creative ways to help SSC staff make environmentally-friendly choices. Along the way, they are building connections with B&F colleagues in  MHealthy and Planet Blue. They also reach beyond the university to partner with local organizations such as Zilke Farms, the Ann Arbor Humane Society, Ann Arbor and Detroit Earth Day initiatives, and Ann Arbor Recycling.

The Green Team’s most recent initiative was landing an on-site Farmers Market for the backyard of the SSC. On June 21st, July 19th, and August 30th, Zilke Farms will park their stand packed full of colorful choices at the SSC. “We’re excited to bring the Farmers Market here,” said Green Team member Daniel Zemaitis. “We’re helping to promote healthy choices by adding more fresh vegetables to our plates, and also connecting the dots between local food, sustainability and caring for our planet!”

The Green Team isn’t afraid of (literally) rolling up their sleeves to carry out their mission. To help ensure that the SSC has the highest possible recycling rate, they have hand-curated displays to provide a visual demonstration of what goes in the trash and what gets recycled.  After contacting Ann Arbor Recycling to settle some controversy over common items like pizza boxes and yogurt containers, these intrepid volunteers dug through the trash to find common things being thrown away that could be recycled instead.  

Although they’re a small group, the Green Team’s influence has already started to spread through the SSC. Dozens of SSC staff recently signed a sustainability pledge and received a free reusable grocery tote to take on errands – or to their backyard Farmers Market. Thanks for your leadership in helping B&F go green!