Salary Program, COVID-19 Update and Future of Work (06/24/2021)

Dear Colleagues:

The U-M Board of Regents passed a budget last week that includes, among other things, a modest salary program for employees. That’s exciting news and B&F divisional leaders will be in touch in the coming days with details about the salary program in their units.

One reason why the university is able to offer a salary program in FY 2022 is the concerted effort that all U-M employees made to use the institution’s resources—financial and otherwise—judiciously during the COVID-19 pandemic, all the while maintaining a commitment to excellence. In his message about the budget, President Schlissel acknowledged that commitment as a factor in U-M’s ability to achieve a balanced FY 2022 budget.

In other COVID-19-related news, U-M has amended its face-covering and social distancing policies and created a number of new tools for the U-M community as part of our ongoing effort to get ready for traditional campus activities this fall. Beginning this past Monday, for example, fully vaccinated students and employees who self-report their vaccine information to the university are no longer required to wear a mask or socially distance indoors or outdoors for most areas of our campuses.If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to read President Schlissel’s most recent COVID-19 Update, which includes more information about the new face-covering requirements, how to get a COVID-19 vaccination, and self-reporting your vaccination information to be eligible for a variety of prize drawings that will start in the coming weeks. Please remember to visit the Campus Maize & Blueprint website for the latest COVID-19 information.  

As you know, we have a cross-functional working group that’s focused on planning what the future of work will look like in B&F as the university moves towards an in-person semester this fall for students and employees. The group—which meets weekly—is concentrating on balancing our local and functional needs with employee preferences.
As part of the process, the group is developing a number of helpful resources that will be posted in a special section on the B&F website. The webpage will include an FAQ section and a form to submit your questions about the future of work in B&F. It will be going live in the near future, so please watch for an announcement. As a quick reminder, please continue to work in your current mode—in-person, hybrid or fully remote—until the end of September unless your supervisor has advised you otherwise.
I want to thank everyone who completed the B&F Employee Engagement Survey. Nearly 80 percent of our employees took the survey! Your feedback will help us identify our strengths as well those areas that might warrant attention for improvement. The results from the survey will be shared next month and then we’ll determine the action steps that will be undertaken in response to your feedback.

With summer officially here and the state and country opening up, I know many of you are going on much-deserved vacations. On that note, I hope you have an enjoyable and safe break away from the workplace with your family and friends. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to U-M. Your dedication to finding new and innovative ways to make blue go during the pandemic has really made a difference to the university and is very much appreciated.