Positive Energizers at Work: Positivity Boards

Check out some of the cool, positive culture-building boards that our B&F Positive Energizers have created!



An F&O Custodial & Grounds Services positive energizer worked with her supervisor to set-up a cool board to help “vacuum up the negativity,” after noticing some negative comments and conversations. Positive energizer, Donna Hudgins created a “Let’s Be Positive” board to help build accountability and more positive habits among the staff on her team. Team members are encouraged to self-identify or help their colleagues identify when they’re being negative. They then post the comment on a sticky note on the“Vacuum Up the Negativity” section of the board. On the opposite side of the board, there are ‘positivity’ sticky notes as well as a section where staff can leave a shout-out for each other. Donna shares, “It’s starts with our boss. She’s so positive and it helps.” A part of the inspiration behind the board is to help each other recognize what negativity looks like in order to then introspect and make different choices. Donna adds, “Better way makes for a better day. It’s paving the way for the future.” So far, the board has been a great success at helping team members to find more productive and positive ways to address issues and to build a more positive and respectful atmosphere in the team.  


F&O’s Custodial and Grounds Services has created a “Don’t Sweep it Under the Rug” Board to encourage staff to share messages of gratitude and acknowledgement with one another. The board is already becoming quite popular with the 20-person team that works in the area and is helping create a culture of appreciation. 
The Shared Services Center introduced “Attitude of Gratitude” sections on their lean boards. These weekly calendar boards include interchangeable discussion prompts that help stimulate positive conversations. As part of their lean huddles, which happen every morning in every department at the SSC, the teams use the thought-provoking prompts to encourage connections among team members and cultivate feelings of gratitude.
F&O’s Logistics, Transportation & Parking Fleet Services is promoting positivity by enacting the theme of “one kind word can change someone’s entire day.” Everyone is encouraged to drop a positive treat in each other’s bags whenever they want and it can be anything from a cute cartoon to a note of appreciation. It’s helping to boost positive emotions and relationships. The thought is that not only will it boost the recipient’s mood, but it’ll boost the giver’s mood as well. Furthermore, they are planning future themed potlucks and ice cream socials (once the weather warms up) and have begun posting positive and uplifting quotes and pictures on the office video monitor.
UHR’s Health and Well Being Services is boosting high quality connections by having a “What Sparks your Joy?” board. As you can see, it has already outgrown its designated space!
F&O’s Logistics, Transportation & Parking  Customer Service team is establishing a “positive energy wall” where quotes, comic strips and other messages that convey positive ideas will be posted, and a compliment box where staff can recognize each other when someone does something special or above and beyond.
F&O’s Environment, Health & Safety positive energizers have expanded their “Question of the Week” whiteboard so that all staff can participate. They have started emailing out that week’s question on Monday so folks can submit responses virtually too! The questions vary from task-related, to those that help the group think about how to become a more positive organization, to light-hearted and fun personal questions. Sample questions include, “What was your childhood dream?” and “What are you most grateful for today?”

The board also helps staff members collaborate on work problems—everyone is welcome to submit questions to solicit solutions and feedback from their colleagues. Staff have responded that this is a fun way to share their thoughts and see what their colleagues have to say as well.