Positive Energizers at Work

Check out some of the cool, positive culture-building activities created by our B&F Positive Energizers!

Finance’s Risk Management group organized a unique activity, “power of words,” in which leadership met with each staff member individually for three minutes to communicate why each employee is valued and appreciated. Staff were presented with a certificate summarizing the meeting in one word, which they will display in their work areas. This was an incredibly impactful exercise for all involved. Team members were encouraged to do this exercise at home with family and with their colleagues at work.
UHR’s Project Healthy Schools team will begin every meeting with a “celebratory moment,” where everyone in the meeting reflects on something they’re either thankful for or celebrating.  
Finance’s Treasurer’s Office kicked off the 90/90 challenge by putting up positive flyers around the office, to spark interest and share ideas. They will be meeting with small groups of staff to engage them in the initiative.
F&O’s Utilities Central Power Plant has scheduled a series of breakfast cookouts to connect with all four crews over the next three months. They are beginning their morning meetings with a positive comment or fun fact to lighten the mood and spark conversation. And, they are working with management to create posters to promote their team’s purpose.  
Finance developed posters and table tents to promote the 90/90 Challenge in common areas throughout their offices. The effort gives employees a way to identify and connect with their positive energizers. The promotions include the time-frame, goals of the challenge, and the names of the positive energizers in Finance.
F&O’s Logistics, Transportation & Parking Parking Customer Service is  undertaking campus fieldtrips to provide parking staff with an overall layout of the campus, not only to learn more about what the university does, but also so they can better support employees, students and visitors who have questions about where to park on the U-M campus. They are also planning to hold quarterly “themed” potlucks for staff (baseball season, Halloween, etc.), so folks can get to know each other better in an informal setting.  
F&O’s Logistics, Transportation & Parking Parking Operations is partnering with the VA hospital to provide blankets to veterans in need. This effort is building on a community service project from last year that resulted in 75 blankets donated to C.S. Mott Children’s hospital (check out the B&F Website for more pictures). Participation has been overwhelming and staff at all levels are helping with different aspects of the community service project. This is a great team building experience where staff can rally around a common cause and build meaningful relationships. To further build team, they are also hosting a chili cook-off the first week in March for LTP staff.
Finance’s Procurement Services team has engaged their staff in a number of activities, including a “candy cane gram” gratitude activity where staff gave each other more than 250 candy canes with a personalized thank you note attached.
F&O’s Custodial and Grounds Services is hosting seasonally themed team-building events with seasonal food and a number of positive culture building activities, including throwing around the positivity ball (a positive-message themed thumball).