Making Blue Go: New B&F Strategic Plan

11-15-strat-planOn October 22, the Business and Finance Leadership Forum gathered for the announcement of the B&F Strategic Plan for FY16. Kevin Hegarty, our EVPCFO, unveiled the FY16 vision: We will enable our university community to excel by being great stewards and providing a great place to work, live and discover.

The FY16 Strategic Plan is made up of four goals:

  1. Serving our community by striving to say yes
  2. Being a great place to work
  3. Promoting a culture of leadership
  4. Being great stewards of knowledge, information and resources

The new Strategic Plan intentionally provides a bird’s eye view, rather than a narrowly-focused framework, in order to include the entire community in the vision for B&F.

In his remarks, Hegarty encouraged all B&F staff to take the opportunity to discover the U-M campus by exploring its many treasures, from research labs to curated collections. “It’s an opportunity to bind ourselves to this campus,” he said. “Understanding this campus will help us understand our mission, vision and values.”

At the forum, senior staff discussed key initiatives designed to meet the new strategic goals in the context of the university’s changing needs and landscape, from infrastructure and capital projects to sustainability and strategic sourcing.

Additional information about the FY16 B&F Strategic Plan can be found on the B&F website: