Look for the Helpers

Mr. Rogers once said that during times of crisis, his mother used to tell him to “look for the helpers.” No matter how bad the situation, “You will always find people who are helping.” Here are some examples of B&F teams who are going above and beyond to help the U-M community. 


UHR Teams

While in-person classes are cancelled, M-Healthy trainers have begun to post exercise classes online to support the well-being of university employees.

An M-Healthy staff member, Brett Knight live-streams a strength training session

The trainers and UHR staff members are making themselves available to answer questions about the session, provide resources and respond to feedback from those who utilized the online resource. If you don’t yet have a Workplace account, you can sign up for free here using your U-M email address. M-Healthy’s next online session will be a stretch and strengthening class streamed live on the Working at U-M Workplace group at noon on March 20, 2020

In order to continue to provide important support for U-M’s new employees, UHR staff worked with their partners at the Shared Services Center to create an online, on-demand format for the New Employee Orientation (NEO) program.

The New Employee Orientation Materials M-Box

To support the university’s sustainability goals, the NEO team has been working for the past few years to make the NEO program zero-waste, even doing their best to reduce paper by distributing resources online through M-Box. This pre-existing online foundation allowed the team to agilely provide respond to the need for an on-demand NEO program. Though this format cannot completely replace the warm and welcoming environment our new employees experience and appreciate each week at the standard in-person sessions, the NEO team created an outstanding temporary resource that will be sustainable during this unusual time and supports our collective mission to Make Blue Go! They shared their plans and resources with their Michigan Medicine HR partners who successfully launched their own version of an on-demand orientation a few days afterwards. 


F&O Teams

F&O’s Hospital Maintenance team has been helping Michigan Medicine ramp up to support COVID-19 patients. Over the course of 7 days, they checked and adjusted negative pressure isolation rooms, which eliminate the spread of contaminated air. The sheetmetal shop contributed by fabricating components of a HEPA filter system that helps achieve negative pressure. Hospital Maintenance also jumped into action Saturday and Sunday to activate the Regional Infectious Containment Unit, a 32-bed isolation unit.   

Environment, Health & Safety is leading operational adjustments to keep people on campus safe based on guidance from federal and state authorities. 

Custodians have increased cleaning and disinfection in buildings to focus on high-touch surfaces.     


Finance Teams

Property Disposition staff worked quickly to help with an urgent request for equipment from HITS

Procurement Services- Property Disposition is helping identify computers and other office devices that can be refurbished and redeployed to employees so they can work from home during the pandemic. In response to an urgent request for assistance from the director of the Hospital ITS (HITS) Device Operations, three Property Disposition employees (one supervisor and two temporary employees) jumped into action. With help from HITS, the team tested and processed over two hundred computers! Their work resulted in at least 100 laptops that are now in the hands of Michigan Medicine employees. As Warehouse Supervisor Dante Vasquez says, “Property Disposition relies on our temporary employees to meet service level requirements. We simply could not do it without them. In this situation, our temporary employees exceeded everyone’s expectations and we could not be more proud.”


If you notice a team or team member who is going out of their way to help, please email the details to BrightSpots@umich.edu!