Kevin’s Email to B&F All Staff: 10/06/2016

Dear B&F Colleague,

I just left the President’s annual address to the university. As part of his message, he underscored his commitment to diversity in all its forms and to working toward an environment where all members of our community (students, faculty and staff) feel respected and have equal opportunities to thrive. I am proud to be part of a leadership team supporting the direction President Schlissel continues to set for the institution. He also introduced the U-M Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: “Many Voices, Our Michigan”.

I hope you can join me and other B&F staff tomorrow (Thursday) at the Power Center for the campuswide morning and evening events launching the U-M plan. I particularly hope you can come out to hear the evening speaker, Dr. Steve Robbins, as he offers some practical insights about how to help us move forward with this important work. His talk is titled “It’s Personal… Even When It’s Not.” The morning launch event is also being streamed.

In addition to the University’s plan, today marks the official launch of our B&F Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. During the past year, many of you contributed your voices to our plan and I’m excited to get underway with the new actions and initiatives we’ve come up with in response. We will be sharing our plan with the larger community tomorrow during the poster sessions (10:30-noon and 5:30-6:15) at the Power Center and then sharing our poster on the B&F DE&I website. Watch for more information about events that will launch our B&F DE&I plan and provide opportunities for your input and participation.

Finally, I hope you take a moment to read the letter from President Schlissel and university leaders written last week in response to the hateful and discriminatory flyers that have recently been appearing on campus. I attended a student meeting on Sunday where many students expressed their hurt, fear and outrage about these types of attacks. These actions are inconsistent with our university values of civility, respect and equality. We must stand united in support of our community against hate, discrimination and bias whenever and wherever it happens.

As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Kevin P. Hegarty
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
University of Michigan