Information Quest Hosts Its First Premier Tableau Symposium

B&F’s Information Quest team continues to contribute to the university’s mission by providing data virtualization, visualization and metrics to the campus community. The team has also been offering free training in a key metrics tool: Tableau. Over the past year, anyone at U-M who chooses to buy a license can create their own dashboard by connecting to their own data. The IQ team can show them how.

Because of the overwhelmingly positive response to Tableau’s introduction here at U-M, the IQ Team hosted the first U-M Tableau Symposium in conjunction with the HITS Tableau Team On August 27, 2018. IQ invited over 250 registered attendees to the Ross School of Business for a half-day of learning focused on Tableau. 

Tableau’s functionality and ease of use were explained through the keynote address and nine break-out sessions. Attendees learned how easy it can be for a dashboard creator to help users understand data sets using a simple visualization.

In the break-out sessions, attendees learned about a variety of topics like dashboard layouts, data management and basic calculations. To facilitate the learning process, Tableau was broken down by skill level.

Sessions were recorded and are being offered to the campus Business Intelligence community to review.

Discussions are already underway about how to continue this momentum next year with an anticipated second annual symposium.