From Kevin’s Desk: Your Purpose is My Purpose (2/15/19)

Dear Colleagues,

Happy Friday!

This week Professor Vic Strecher from the School of Public Health joined our B&F Leadership Forum to share insights from his research into the importance of purpose in creating a happy, healthy and meaningful life.  His touching story about his daughter Julia was a great reminder to me that my purpose at U-M is to ensure that each of you have the resources and support you need to do your work.  Whether you take care of buildings or the grounds, manage the finances, or support our campus community, your work is absolutely critical to the success of the University of Michigan. You are the stars of B&F, and what an honor it is for me to play a supporting role in your work to Make Blue Go. It’s a purpose I cherish, and I thank you.  ALL Y’ALL ROCK!!!

It can be easy to forget how much our work affects the lives of students, patients, faculty and staff because in most cases our work is done behind the scenes.  Our colleagues at the SSC have shared some wonderful stories about the impact of their work at a personal level. You can read about them on our B&F website. I hope they inspire you to consider your own purpose at the university.  No matter what you do for U-M, I hope you appreciate the powerful impact your work has on others.

Of course, a sense of purpose also makes a difference in our personal lives. For those of you who are interested in retiring someday, I want to let you know about an opportunity to get answers to questions about retirement. Our colleagues in the Benefits Office will offer drop-in retirement Q&A this month at Kipke Conference Center (2/19) and NCRC (2/22 and 2/26) – no registration is required.  Feel free to stop by if planning for retirement interests you!

Lastly, in honor of Valentine’s Day and Professor Strecher, I want to share these wonderful photos of kids at our Children’s Centers making bookmarks for the patients at Mott Children’s Hospital. Little Victors supporting Little Victors!  We delivered the bookmarks to Mott along with children’s books, coloring supplies and puzzles that were donated by B&F Forum members.  The wonderful folks at Mott and the entire U-M family were there to support the Strecher family in their time of need – isn’t it wonderful to know that you too have all of us ready to do the same for you should you ever need it?  Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

With much appreciation and gratitude,


P.S., Please post for staff who don’t have regular access to email.