From Kevin’s Desk: We’re Halfway There! (2/28/2020)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

Tomorrow marks the halfway point of our positive energizer 90/90 Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to reach 90% of our 2,700 staff in 90 days with information about our commitment to creating a positive and inclusive organization, and to engage everyone in a related activity. I am thrilled to tell you that based on reports from our 160 positive energizers, more than 85% of our staff have already been engaged in some way. That’s awesome!

I have been absolutely amazed at the creativity of our positive energizers.  They have been organizing dozens and dozens of activities, ranging from themed potlucks, to community service events, gratitude journals, meditation exercises, short “re-charge” dance events, positive meeting presentations, compliment jars, thank-you note stations, newsletters, inspirational signs, ice breakers, positive activity boards, and much, much more! Everywhere you turn, you see evidence of our positive energizers – these folks are out in force and it is SO cool! Y’ALL ROCK!!!

Even more important, all of these positive energizer efforts are already making a significant, positive impact. In particular, I have heard many people mention that the positive energizers are helping staff get to know each other better and build more meaningful connections among team members. They are also lifting the spirits of their colleagues, creating a stronger sense of team, and helping to establish a more positive workplace environment. Even skeptics are getting involved — the positive energy is infectious!

You can check out this terrific video to see some of what’s happened in the first 45 days of our challenge. And, if you want to get involved, consider making a 1% positive change yourself – little changes, over time, add up to a big impact. I am more encouraged than ever about our work to create a positive organization!

With much appreciation and gratitude,