From Kevin’s Desk: Welcome Class of 2021!

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

The new academic year has officially begun and can’t you feel the energy! Following tradition, President Schlissel addressed the incoming freshmen and their families welcoming them into the Michigan community. What stuck with me most were the President’s words urging the students to engage with people who are different from themselves: “We learn more when we critically and honestly examine views that are different from our own.” I couldn’t agree more. Working with people who see things differently than I do is something I highly value about B&F and our university community.

As fall gets underway, we are gearing up for year two of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan. You will hear a lot more about this in mid-October when we join our colleagues from the 49 other schools, colleges and campus units to report on last year’s progress and lay out our action plans for FY18.  I am pleased to have incorporated the key concepts of our DE&I plan into our B&F strategic plan.  I look forward to letting you know more about this in the very near future.

I had a great time yesterday at the University Human Resources 21st annual picnic held at Wolverine Tower. Being a sailor, I enjoyed the nautical theme as I munched on “fish” (Goldfish crackers) and “chips” (potato chips) and many other great food choices. The camaraderie was absolutely outstanding; what a special group of people!  Laurita Thomas announced several special awards to select team members. Special kudos to Jason Tomb, who was presented with this year’s individual Commitment to UHR Award, and to the MHealthy Supervisor Training team (Melissa Lagodzinski, Leola Hearing and Sherry Hudson), who received the team award! I want to extend my thanks and appreciation for both the opportunity to attend the picnic and to everyone in UHR for your stewardship of our most valuable asset – our people. You are the ones who take care of all of us.  We appreciate and thank you!

Finally, congratulations to the 16 MSTAFF200 volunteers who were selected in a random drawing to watch this Saturday’s game against the Cincinnati Bearcats at the Big House — if you haven’t been in a suite before (or even if you have), you are in for a treat of a lifetime. Betty will also attend the home season opener along with friends visiting from Austin, Texas. We hope to see many of you at the game.  Go Blue!

Thanks for all you do to make this university great.

With much appreciation and gratitude,