From Kevin’s Desk: The Results of Our Employee Engagement Survey (6/21/19)

Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for participating in the B&F Employee Engagement Survey and for providing invaluable feedback about our workplace culture. We can’t get better without your feedback.  It will help us know if we are headed in the right direction and where we need to focus in the future, so I am personally very grateful for your input.

The results in our B&F All-Staff Survey Report suggest that our collective work to create a positive and inclusive organization is making a difference.  Overall, B&F has an employee engagement score of 79%, which is higher than the U.S. average of 72% and puts us in the top quartile nationally for engagement.

In addition, when we launched our B&F Strategic Plan in 2017, we identified nine findings from the University Climate Survey to use as a baseline to measure progress toward our DE&I and positive culture goals over time. I am excited to tell you that we’ve seen significant increases in all of these climate survey scores. For example:

  • Staff who believe we have a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion has increased by 16%
  • Staff who feel that they belong has increased by 15%
  • Staff who feel valued as an individual has increased by 13%

I am thrilled about these results, not only because we are making progress toward our goals, but also because these increases mean that more of our staff are feeling that they are welcome, they belong, and that they matter here in B&F and that we are headed in the right direction.  Throughout the report, you will see evidence of our work to create a positive and inclusive organization in the feedback you have provided about your experience.

While there is much to celebrate in these results, you should also note that our work to create a positive workplace is by no means done.  Our goal is to create a positive workplace for everyone in B&F.

Over the next several days, all B&F areas that participated in the survey (F&O, UHR, Finance, SSC and the Investment Office) will be sharing their local reports with staff in their organizations.  In turn, department directors in F&O, UHR and Finance will be sharing departmental level reports with their teams. As is typical in most organizations, engagement scores vary across the organization, and reflect the unique strengths and challenges of our diverse functional areas.

Regardless of how good the scores might be, we understand that there are colleagues who experience the workplace differently.  I want you to know that B&F leadership, including me, are committed to identifying ways to continue to improve. We can’t tackle everything all at once, but we will be working, both centrally and within local units, to further assess the survey data and develop action plans that are responsive to your feedback. The survey will be repeated annually, so we can monitor the impacts of these efforts over time.

I encourage you to take some time to review the findings in this report, as well as other data that will be shared in B&F areas and departments. I hope you will be as encouraged as I am by the results, and as enthusiastic as I am to continue making progress.

Thank you for your support of this process and for your help to Make Blue Better for you.

With much appreciation and gratitude,