From Kevin’s Desk: The benefits of working at U-M (9/20/19)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

We all know that there are many benefits to working at the university. But one benefit you may not know about is the opportunity to purchase vehicles the university no longer needs. Working together, our colleagues in the Logistics, Transportation & Parking and Property Disposition teams hold quarterly vehicle auctions – ultimately selling $1,500,000 worth of vehicles each year! You can find a range of vehicles at the auctions, including unique items such as garbage trucks, passenger buses, and even a fire truck. The auctions are a great way to find low mileage vehicles at reasonable prices, and also support the university. You can learn more about our public auctions on our B&F website. Please join me in thanking the LTP and Property Disposition teams for their collaboration on these awesome events! Y’ALL ROCK!!

And speaking of teams that rock, our colleagues in the UHR Benefits Office play an instrumental role in making the university a great place to work by ensuring we all have access to a competitive benefits package. The annual benefits open enrollment period, happening October 21 to November 1, offers employees and retirees an opportunity to make changes to benefits for the upcoming year. I encourage you to check out the website where you can add the Open Enrollment period to your calendar, view 2020 rates and learn more.

Another benefit of working at the university is the opportunity to explore our campus, which is especially beautiful at this time of year. I hope you can find a few minutes each day to step outside and soak in the last few weeks of warm weather.

Thanks for all you do to make this university great.

With much appreciation and gratitude,


P.S., Please post for staff who don’t have regular access to email.