From Kevin’s Desk: Thank you for your feedback (4/26/19)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

In my life, I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by people who would give me honest feedback. It’s not always easy to hear, but I’ve learned to be grateful for it. Feedback has helped me become aware of my blind spots and given me the opportunity to improve. I firmly believe that this is essential for success, both for individuals and organizations.

To that end, I want to extend a personal thank you to everyone who has taken the time to participate in the B&F employee survey. And if you haven’t taken it yet, there’s still time! The survey officially closes at midnight tonight. Your honest feedback will tell us how we’re doing relative to our goals, and provide the data we need to get better.

I also want to recognize the 110 survey liaisons who have been working tirelessly over the last month—distributing water bottles, answering your questions and promoting the survey. Overall, we’re at 75% participation across B&F, with many departments well over 90% and 12 teams reaching 100% — wow! I’m very grateful for your help to Make Blue Better for you.

With much appreciation and gratitude,


P.S., Please post for staff who don’t have regular access to email