From Kevin’s Desk: Thank YOU! (11/17/17)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

This week I had the pleasure of visiting with the Human Resources Records and Information Services (HRRIS) team. This team adjusts, corrects, audits and updates tens of thousands of HR and benefits records, and manages more than 17,000 automated emails each month – all of which is done in close collaboration with the SSC and others to ensure each of us gets paid the right amount, with the right benefit deductions and on time. The HRRIS team also manages critical HR data, including producing many of the human resource reports that we all use in many ways. The team at HRRIS are yet another example of the unsung heroes on our campus. Please join me in thanking them for all they do – you ROCK!!

I am always amazed at everything involved in making this university go – the level of complexity is mind-boggling and our staff are phenomenal! It is one of the reasons I am so proud that B&F is supporting a new suite of awards to recognize staff contributions at the university. Created by Voices of the Staff, the new annual Staff Impact Awards will honor individual staff members, supervisors and teams who demonstrate excellence in collaboration, volunteerism and outstanding effectiveness. If you know someone or a team that you feel should be recognized for their exemplary work, I encourage you to nominate them! There is no better way to recognize our good people than to have a peer nominate them.  You can learn more at or watch the Staff Impact Awards video (featuring yours truly!).  I wish they could have darkened my hair and taken a few pounds off my chin, but alas, our fantastically talented communications folks are not miracle workers!!!

Betty and I will be back in Austin to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family next week. I hope each of you has an opportunity to focus on the ones you love during this season of gratitude and to appreciate all of the good things in your life. I am so blessed to have an amazing family at home and at work and wonderful friends.  And I am so grateful to get to work at this university with all of you.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

With much appreciation and gratitude,