From Kevin’s Desk: Thank You! (09/01/17)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Martha Pollack’s inauguration as the 14th president of Cornell University. As most of you know, Martha served as our provost until the end of January this year when she left to take on this wonderful new role. What a thrill it was to see one of our own be installed in such a prestigious position – the campus was beautiful and you couldn’t have asked for a more picturesque day!

Since Martha’s departure, Paul Courant has served as interim provost and has done an outstanding job. I have really enjoyed working with Paul and I am truly grateful for his support of B&F. Under his leadership, we have been able to take the savings you generated – through innovation and ingenuity – and reinvest them in our organization. Please join me in thanking Paul for his support and his outstanding service to the university.  I want to personally thank Paul for his friendship, too!

On a last note, I want to thank all of you who sent messages of concern for my family and friends back home in Texas.  I am happy to report that all my loved ones are safe, but my heart goes out to everyone hit by this devastating storm. Betty and I are so grateful for the amazing efforts of the agencies and aid workers involved in responding to Harvey. And, it’s truly heartwarming to see thousands of Texas residents and people from across the US, including Michiganders, coming together to help others escape the floods and begin recovery. Being human and vulnerable to the impact of a natural disaster is something we all have in common. It’s wonderful to see the best in the human spirit emerge from such devastating events.  My hope is that we will continue to seek what can unite us rather than divide us.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!

With much appreciation and gratitude,

PS:  Go Blue!  Beat Florida!