From Kevin’s Desk: Summertime in Ann Arbor (7/12/19)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

One of the perks of working at U-M is our campus’ involvement in the awesome Ann Arbor Art Fair.  From July 18-21 the festival will take place around central campus, where U-M will also host visitors at our museums, galleries, and gardens.  I know it can create additional inconveniences for some, but it is also a great opportunity to show off our wonderful campus to the outside world.  If possible, stop by this cool festival after work or during your lunch break, and be sure to bring your loved ones too.

While you are visiting the local artisan stalls and listening to live music on Ingalls Mall, be sure to check out the Cooley Memorial Fountain, which has been recently restored by some of our F&O colleagues.  No small undertaking, our maintenance teams did extensive research and worked with an art conservator to ensure they honored the intentions of the sculptor of this 1940’s fountain.  They not only repaired but also redesigned the plumbing to better maintain and protect the sculpture.  The Michigan Historic Preservation Network recently honored this important project with a Preservation Gem Award.  Congratulations to the whole project team on their incredible work and well-deserved award! You folks ROCK!  You can view the before and after pictures and read more about this fascinating project on our website.

For those who haven’t heard, the Regents’ recently passed the university’s FY2020 Budget. Through the great financial stewardship provided by folks in B&F and across U-M, we have been able to continue focusing on our top priorities as a university and increasing financial aid while keeping the in-state tuition increase to the lowest in six years. This allows us to fulfill one of our top financial goals — remaining accessible and affordable to students across Michigan.  I also want to give a shout out to the entire B&F budget team for their dedicated work with the Provost’s Office of Budget and Planning – this year, and every year – to shepherd the B&F budget process.  You folks ROCK, too!

Thanks for all you do to make this university great. I hope you take time this next week to get out with your friends and family and enjoy our wonderful Ann Arbor community. Betty and I always enjoy Art Fair, so we’ll hope to see you there!  But dress appropriately, it’s going to be Texas HOT!

With much appreciation and gratitude,


P.S., Please post for staff who don’t have regular access to email