From Kevin’s Desk: Stewardship in Action (06/09/17)

Dear colleagues,

Happy Friday!

I’m hoping to see many of you at the wonderful MSTAFF200 bicentennial celebration coming up on June 27. Did you know that this event will be environmentally friendly? Kudos to our many volunteers and the planning team for working hard to make MSTAFF200 a near zero waste event. You can do your part by bringing your own water bottle!

Wouldn’t it be great if all B&F events were zero waste? It’s easier than you might think. Our Zero Waste Program colleagues in the Office of Campus Sustainability can advise you on how to set up composting service, identify and order minimally packaged food and sustainable supplies, and provide signs to complement recycling bins. More about this terrific program can be found on the Zero Waste Program website or by contacting

I recently learned that we are the only major Michigan-based university to receive Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program certification for our efforts to protect the Huron River. This is one of many steps toward our campus goal to reduce chemical fertilizer and pesticide use and manage storm water runoff. My sincere thanks to our colleagues in Grounds Services and Logistics, Transportation & Parking who collaborated with staff in Athletics, Rec Sports, Matthaei Botanical Gardens and the Nichols Arboretum to attain this important certification. Thanks for everything you do to make the vision of our 2025 sustainability goals a reality!

On a final stewardship note, the Board of Regents meets next week in Ann Arbor to discuss and vote on the university’s fiscal 2018 operating budget. We are so fortunate to have their dedication helping all of us make this great university the best it can possibly be. Our Regents attend many events on campus. If you ever have the opportunity, I hope that you will thank them for their dedicated service and unwavering support of our quest to be the #1 public university in the world!

With gratitude and appreciation,


P.S. Please post for staff who do not routinely check email.