From Kevin’s Desk: Spring Commencement (04/28/17)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday and happy commencement!

This weekend, tens of thousands of people will attend Spring Commencement. Pulling off this time-honored celebration is no small task, and so many of you help make commencement the very special and meaningful event that it is. Every one of us in B&F are in some way involved in supporting this grand celebration. Whether you contract for services, pay the bills, ensure safety, beautify the campus, provide custodial services, usher visitors, keep the lights on or provide transportation, you make this event memorable for all. It’s truly an amazing effort!

Many of you also provide critical support as volunteers at Spring Commencement. If you’ve never participated, I encourage you to do so at least once. The ceremony is wonderful, and this year we celebrate our Bicentennial Commencement so it will be even more special!

More than just an event, commencement represents the completion of a foundational mission of the university: to prepare young citizens to contribute to society. Each year, U-M confers more than 12,000 degrees; yes, 12,000+ degrees! Our new graduates will join more than 500,000 living alumni and become tomorrow’s leaders. Michigan grads have gone on to make a real difference to society — inventing the iPod, creating Google, finding cures to disease, flying into space and even serving as president of the United States! What will this year’s graduates achieve?

The accomplishments of our alums are evidence of the transformational impact our university has on the world. And each of you – through your dedicated service to Make Blue Go – play a critical role in it. Congratulations to this year’s graduating class, and many thanks to all of you for supporting them along the way!

With much appreciation and gratitude, and Go Blue!


P.S., A special congratulations to all of you who have children or loved ones among this year’s graduating class – how great!