From Kevin’s Desk: Responding to our Employee Engagement Survey (10/25/19)

Dear Colleagues:

I want to thank you again for participating in the B&F Employee Engagement Survey in April 2019. Your feedback provided invaluable insights about what we can do to create a more positive workplace culture for all of our staff.  The results in our B&F All-Staff Survey Report are clear, the top two recommendations are: 1) Provide greater support for career development and 2) Promote increased workspace flexibility.

Over the next year, we will undertake focused efforts, both centrally and within each B&F area, to raise awareness of career and professional development opportunities, pilot new programs and equip managers and supervisors with tools and resources to better support the development of their team members.

We also will expand efforts to utilize flexible work options across the organization and each area of B&F will develop their own related policies and practices. As an important step, we drafted a B&F Statement on Flexible Work Arrangements to support this effort centrally, providing overarching guidelines and support for flexible work programs. Creating this statement was a key recommendation of our Workspace Flexibility Committee, which we convened last year to investigate best practices for work flex options. The statement can be found on our B&F website.

In addition, there are dozens of other items that B&F areas and departments will focus on over the course of the fiscal year in response to their local survey results. If you haven’t already, you will be hearing about the specific efforts happening in your department by the end of next week.    

Our entire executive leadership team in B&F, including me, is committed to making progress and implementing specific actions that are responsive to your feedback. While we can’t tackle everything at once, we can take steps to address the most important issues, build on strengths and make incremental improvements over time. The survey will be repeated in April 2020 so we can monitor the impacts of these efforts and ensure we are making progress toward our goals.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the survey. We can’t get better without feedback! I am personally grateful for your support of this process and for your help to Make Blue Better for you.


With much appreciation and gratitude,