From Kevin’s Desk: Recognizing One Another (4/2/2021)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

This past month, the university joined our nation in celebrating Women’s History Month to honor the contributions and achievements of women throughout American history. As part of this effort, U-M Social highlighted the contributions of women across our campus, including a number of incredible professionals here in B&F.  You can scroll through these powerful stories on the university’s Instagram page.

The women highlighted serve in a variety of roles, stewarding the university’s finances, keeping our campus work environment safe, and supporting the university’s 50,000 employees. Several Instagram posts spotlight the work of the dedicated professionals in our children’s centers who have been providing childcare for the children of many essential U-M employees working onsite throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Women’s History Month promotion also includes an inspiring profile on one of our wonderful custodians and positive energizers, Maggie Alexander. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read about these incredible colleagues and join me in thanking them for their dedicated service – THEY ROCK!!

I am so grateful that the university takes time to recognize the important contributions of staff. Research shows that recognition is a key factor in creating a work environment in which people feel valued, both personally and professionally, and provides a myriad of benefits to organizations as well. Nothing at this university would be possible without the faithful and invaluable service each of you provides to our campus. Thank you for all you do to recognize and appreciate one another, and to Make Blue Go!

With much appreciation and gratitude,