From Kevin’s Desk: One Year of COVID-19 (3/12/2021)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

One year ago this week, COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic and our world turned upside down. It’s been such a trying time for everyone, especially those who have lost friends and family members, as well as those working on the frontlines of this global health crisis. I know from the recent staff survey that many of you are struggling to balance work responsibilities with caring for children or other dependents. The stress, anxiety, isolation, health issues, and financial concerns created by this situation continue to take a toll on many of our team members. While the end is now in sight, we must remain steadfast in our efforts to support each other, and extend grace and compassion to our colleagues and ourselves.

Throughout the pandemic, teams across B&F have continued to create new ways to keep our campus and our community safe. For example, F&O’s Custodial and Grounds Services recently undertook an effort to ensure more timely snow removal from building entryways by shifting this work to custodians. Working together, the CGS team found an innovative solution to an important seasonal challenge. You can read more about this great work on our website.

Thank you for all you are doing to support each other and to Make Blue Go amazingly well during this difficult time. We really will get through this together.

With much appreciation and gratitude,