From Kevin’s Desk: Let It Snow! (01/26/18)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

There are so many things I love about Ann Arbor, but as a Texan one thing that is hard to get used to is winter weather. I am absolutely amazed at what goes into planning for and dealing with snow and ice here on campus. With over 15 million square feet of parking lots, roads, sidewalks, steps, and ramps, snow removal is a BIG undertaking.  Please join me in giving a huge shout out to everyone involved in keeping our campus safe and prepared for business through the winter, especially the Grounds Services and Logistics Transportation & Parking staff on the front lines. You guys ROCK!

What’s involved in managing snow?  To give us a peek behind the scenes our B&F Communications Team has a written a three-part story about it. You can find the first installment on our website.  Be sure to check out this awesome infographic of “fun facts about snow removal” too!  Did you know that every year we have 73 fulltime staff and 30 student workers who clear snow and spread more than 1,800 tons of rock salt? Oh, I think I had better get my car washed this weekend!  They also hold a Snow Rodeo – now that’s something you’d never find in Texas!  I encourage you to read more about this amazing, 24/7 operation.

This week, our colleagues in Finance’s Property Disposition (PD) were featured on WEMU radio. The PD warehouse has great deals on a diverse selection of used items, including furniture, office and lab equipment, and more unique items like an MRI machine for mice! If you are looking for real bargains go see our friends at PD, it’s a cool place and the folks are very nice.  In FY 2017, PD’s sales were over $3 million, with 90 percent or more going back to the university units that provided the items. Please join me in thanking the PD team for their great work. You guys ROCK, too!!

The weekend is supposed to be a bit warmer – you know I never thought I would think of high 30’s / low 40’s as warm…think I’m becoming a Michigander?  In any event, enjoy the break in weather and do something fun with your loved ones!

Thanks for all you do to make this university great.

With much appreciation and gratitude,