From Kevin’s Desk: Join our 90/90 Challenge! (1/17/2020)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

I am thrilled to tell you about an exciting new initiative that launched this week, our B&F 90/90 Challenge! The Challenge is being led by a team of nearly 160 “Positive Energizers” from all areas of Business & Finance. The Positive Energizers have been challenged to reach 90% of our 2,700 staff in 90 days, to share information about our goals to create a positive organization and engage everyone in a related exercise or activity.

The energizers are out in force everywhere! I encourage you to support and join them! One way everyone can contribute to building a more positive work environment is to personally commit to making a 1% positive change. What do I mean by positive change? Do something, no matter how small it might be, that you believe will lift others, build teams or create a nurturing and inclusive work environment. If done consistently over time, small things can have a huge impact — our culture will change dramatically for the better through these kinds of small, intentional acts.

My own 1% positive change is to get out and visit with B&F teams more often. I want to learn about what you do for the university and what you’re doing to create a positive organization in your local work environment. I invite you to help hold me accountable to this commitment by inviting me to visit your team – during the 90/90 Challenge and beyond!

The Challenge runs through April 15, 2020, which is just 90 days from now! So watch out for the Positive Energizers – they’re coming to engage you in our culture-building efforts. Here’s a short video I recorded about this cool new initiative. I encourage you watch it, share it and get involved!

With much appreciation and gratitude,