From Kevin’s Desk: Investments of all kinds yield big results (12/08/17)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

This week our colleagues in the Investment Office published their annual Report of Investments. They had a remarkable year. This team of 23 manage the university’s endowment, which has grown to $10.9 billion under their careful stewardship. In just this last year alone, the endowment has increased in value by a whopping $1.2 billion – that’s amazing! As a result of their outstanding work, distributions from the endowment exceed $300 million per year! You can read more about the Investment Office and all that they do for the university on our B&F website. Please join me in thanking this team – you guys ROCK!

We have entered the holiday season, which to some of us could also be known as “party season.” At this time of year, many of us struggle to maintain healthy behaviors around eating, drinking and exercise – I know I do! We are so fortunate that MHealthy provides a number of resources to help us, including the Holiday Stop & Swap program, which encourages more mindful drinking choices. You can sign up anytime between now and December 15th to receive weekly emails through January 2nd, with tips, tools and recipes from the health educators at MHealthy’s Alcohol Management Program. My holiday wish is for each of you to have a peaceful, happy, safe and healthy holiday season!

While the holiday season can be very social, it’s also a time that many people feel the loneliest. Did you know that more than 40% of adults in our country report feeling lonely and many employees report feeling isolated at work? Research shows that forging social connections at work significantly improves overall health and well-being. I want to encourage each of you to make the effort to get to know your colleagues – it doesn’t take a lot of time to sit with someone at lunch, introduce yourself to someone you don’t know, or ask someone about their weekend. Small efforts like these can yield big results for both you and the other person, especially at this time of year.

With much appreciation and gratitude,