From Kevin’s Desk: Investing in Relationships Yields Great Returns (02/17/17)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday! Perhaps unsurprisingly, having just passed Valentine’s Day, I’ve been thinking about relationships this week. It takes effort to cultivate strong personal relationships, but it pays off; the same holds true in our professional relationships. Creating a great place to work requires that we invest the time to get to know each other and those we serve. I’d like to recognize the leadership our Shared Services Center colleagues have shown in this area by developing a suite of innovative programs to build meaningful connections, from “bridge café” meetings with colleagues across campus to pilot testing customer suggestions.

I am proud of B&F’s support of a healthy social and emotional work culture at U-M through the MHealthy Thrive! program. Their powerful statement on kindness and collegiality reminds us to:

  • Choose kindness
  • Think the best in all matters
  • Act in a supportive way

These simple behaviors are the everyday choices each of us can choose to make that help us create a great place to work. And research shows that they also help us reduce stress and contribute to our overall physical health, too.

The power of showing support and encouragement to each other was wonderfully demonstrated at our Mott Children’s Hospital this week, where nearly 94,000 valentines were delivered to children being treated. This story and short video made me feel so thankful to work at a place with so much heart – it really does make a difference to so many. Thanks for all that each of you do to make our community so welcoming and the special place that it is.

With much appreciation and gratitude,