From Kevin’s Desk: Have you noticed what’s right? (6/7/19)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, I had a wonderful lunch with five students from the U-M Ross School of Business Magnify Program, which is run by the Center for Positive Organizations. They’re spending the week at the SSC to observe the culture and identify “bright spots” within the organization. Today, they will present their findings and make suggestions about how the SSC can amplify those bright spots, build on their strengths and create even happier employees. What a cool project! You can meet the students in this short introductory video or check out photos of their SSC visit on our website.

Over lunch from the Taco Truck, I talked with the students about our efforts across B&F to create a more positive and inclusive organization. I shared some of my own experiences working in both positive and not-so-positive environments, and the impacts each had on me both personally and professionally. I’m passionate about creating a positive organization because I know what it’s like to feel devalued and unappreciated at work. It’s much more motivating to work in a place where you feel you matter and can make a difference! I hope we’re creating that kind of environment for each of you.

Talking with the students about their project was a great reminder of how important it is to notice what’s going right. It’s so easy to focus on problems or what needs to be fixed. But every day I see things worth celebrating – whether it’s someone going the extra mile on a project, a team making a new employee feel welcome, or a staff member taking a minute to help a campus visitor find their way. These things matter, and they are worth noticing. The students have inspired me to pay more attention to what’s going right. Will you join me? Send me an email about the bright spots you’ve noticed – I’d love to hear from you!

With much appreciation and gratitude,



P.S., Please post for staff who don’t have regular access to email.