From Kevin’s Desk: Happy New Year! (01/05/18)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

I had a terrific time away with my family, and hope all of you had a restful season break. I was back in Texas where it was cold and rainy most of the days – unusual for Texas. We had a dusting of snow on Christmas day and I heard that Ann Arbor did too! A special thank you to all of you who keep this campus running no matter the weather or the fact that the campus is on break. Know that your work and dedication is recognized by me and the senior leadership of the university.

One of the great things about the start of a new year is the opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of last year. In that spirit, I want to remind you that the deadline for the new Staff Impact Awards is fast approaching! It’s not too late to nominate individuals, teams and supervisors that you think should be recognized for their outstanding work in our community and beyond. There is no better compliment you can express to a colleague than recognizing their great work by nominating them – and it gets better… remember that those who receive an award will also receive a great monetary recognition! All nominations must be received by next Monday, January 8th.  Learn more at

The new year is also a time when many of us (me included) recommit to our fitness goals. After eating Bar-B-Q and TexMex food back home for nearly two weeks I need to lose a few pounds (at least my wife tells me so!). Not only is exercise great for your physical health, it will also boost your overall energy levels. One great way to get moving is to sign up for Active U – MHealthy’s 12-week physical activity challenge, which has a minimum goal of getting 30 minutes of exercise at least three days per week. Last year more than 730 B&F staff participated – this year, let’s see if we can get to 1,000. You can join Active U individually or as part of a team. I’m signing up and hope that you will too (just search for Team Hegartyville on the sign up form if you want to join my team!).

Thanks to all of you, 2017 was a great year for the university. One of the most significant accomplishments was the success of our year-long bicentennial celebration, which so many of you contributed to in so many ways – through your regular work and your volunteer activities. I encourage you to look back at last year’s festivities with the video that features highlights from our 200th year. Here’s to a great 2018 for you and your loved ones,and to our university’s third century!


With much appreciation and gratitude,