From Kevin’s Desk: Growing Together (3/5/2021)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

Even though I am retiring at the end of next month, one thing I know for sure is that my life will continue to be filled with experiences and activities that support learning. For me, stepping outside of my comfort zone to try something new is one of the true joys in life. I love to tinker, pull things apart and figure out how they go back together (sometimes too many things, if you ask Betty)! It’s one of the reasons I have so many hobbies – I love the excitement of expanding my mind or improving my skillset in challenging ways. It is why I am so glad that teams across B&F have embraced a learning mindset and are trying new things together.

A great example are the “Quarterly Conversations” held by our colleagues in the Finance – Sponsored Programs team. Their most recent conversation incorporated a DEI activity called “Privilege for Sale” where staff discussed implicit biases, privilege, and social identities. You can learn more about this event on our website. The Sponsored Programs DEI Committee is looking forward to continuing these conversations with their colleagues. Kudos to Sponsored Programs for making DEI a priority and engaging in important discussions that promote growth, empathy, and understanding!

As a university, we are so lucky to have our colleagues in UHR Organizational Learning to help all of us learn, both individually and as teams. They offer a broad range of professional development and educational opportunities for the whole university community. I encourage you to check out their upcoming offerings and take advantage of these wonderful resources.  Thank you to the Organizational Learning team for their support – Y’ALL ROCK!!

With much appreciation and gratitude,