From Kevin’s Desk: Great Work, Great Place to Work (02/07/2020)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

Our colleagues in Grounds Services were recently recognized in the Record for their excellent work to help plan and support the relocation of 50 trees that were in the construction zone of Michigan Medicine’s new hospital. As you can imagine, a project of this scale required a lot of careful planning and collaboration between Grounds Services and Michigan Medicine to ensure the trees were successfully moved to other areas of campus. Please join me in thanking this wonderful team of professionals for this project and for all they do for the university. Our Grounds Services team not only ensures the beauty of our campus, but also helps support our commitment to environmental sustainability. Y’ALL ROCK!

Our positive energizers are continuing their wonderful efforts to create a positive organization and to encourage their colleagues to make a 1% positive change. This week, I had the pleasure of joining a group from the F&O Operational Support and Real Estate teams, to hear from their positive energizers and learn more about their efforts to create a more positive work environment – from team-building potlucks to positive activity boards, to smiley-face post-it notes with a message to “pass along the smile.” It is so great to see our positive energizers in action! Their efforts create positive emotions, help build relationships and brighten everyone’s day —  and the research shows that even small positive changes, over time, will make a big impact.

And speaking of small changes, the leadership in University Human Resources (UHR) showed their support for the UHR positive energizers in a fun new video in which each member of the lead team committed to making a 1% positive change. You can check out this video here – I encourage you to join them and make your own 1% commitment. If you do, send me a note and tell me about your positive change. I’d love to hear from you!

You can check out more of the positive energizer efforts on our website. Thanks for all you do to make this university a great place to work!

With much appreciation and gratitude,