From Kevin’s Desk: Great things are happening at U-M! (10/4/19)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, I attended President Schlissel’s annual Leadership Breakfast where he outlines his goals for the coming year. In addition to providing updates on continuing initiatives, he also announced a number of important new programs for our campus, including an Arts Initiative, the creation of the Center for Academic Innovation, and the Firearm Injury Prevention Research Initiative. You can read more about all of these efforts and see the full transcript of his talk, which are posted on the Record.

The President gave us a brief update on the campuswide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work and a reminder that the Diversity Summit begins next week – starting with a community assembly on October 7, and then continuing with events throughout the month of October. I mentioned last week that the SSC and B&F Diversity Working Group are hosting one of those events, featuring U-M professor Scott Page on the importance of diverse teams. It’s not too late to register for that event!

The President also gave an update on the campus-wide initiative to address sexual misconduct and reminded us that everyone is required to take the sexual and gender-based misconduct training by December 31 of this year. I completed the training – it’s short, totally painless and important – so I hope you have too! If not, please complete the training as soon as possible.

Last, but not least, the President also gave a big shout out to the new, fabulous Biological Sciences Building that houses classes, research labs and museums. If you haven’t visited yet I encourage you to check it out- especially the Museum of Natural History which has free admission! Congratulations again to all those who contributed to making that building possible.

There are so many great things happening on our campus and your work makes them possible. Thanks for all you do!

With much appreciation and gratitude,




P.S., Please post for staff who don’t have regular access to email.