From Kevin’s Desk: Go Planet Blue! (9/6/19)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

The next time you are walking the campus be sure and check out the Diag…thanks to a generous donor the Block M was refurbished over the summer and it looks GREAT!!!  No matter where you go on campus you are sure to notice that the students are back! This year, as students moved into their dorms, they were introduced to composting as a way of life here at the university. In support of our campus sustainability goals, our colleagues in the Office of Campus Sustainability partnered with Student Life to expand compost collection to all of the residence halls and graduate housing, adding more than 200 compost bins! They also launched the “Know Where to Throw” waste reduction campaign, which aims to raise awareness about how to effectively compost and recycle. You can check out the new campaign and learn important tips about “where to throw” your trash from this video. Thank you to OCS for everything they do to keep our campus green…you folks ROCK!!

Fall is also the start of football season! Each home game, thousands of students and fans pack into the stadium to root for our Wolverines – and many of our B&F teams help make that possible. Moving and Trucking helps ensure more than 100,000 fans stay safe at every home football game by bringing in a fleet of trucks carrying barricades they set up to control traffic. This work is essential to ensuring security and the safety of tens of thousands of pedestrians. You can view pictures of the team in action on our B&F website. Please join me in giving a shout out to Moving and Trucking…you folks ROCK too!!! We will be thinking of you tomorrow along with all the teams that work to make each game run smoothly and efficiently. 

Enjoy the new academic year and many thanks for all you do to make this campus so great. Go Blue! And… Go Planet Blue!

With much appreciation and gratitude,



P.S., Please post for staff who don’t have regular access to email.