From Kevin’s Desk: Go Faster by Taking Breaks (05/31/19)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

Did you know that one of the best ways to get more work done is to take regular breaks throughout the day? Research shows that taking a few minutes to unplug elevates your mood, minimizes stress, and adds to your overall productivity. Our colleagues at the SSC encourage their team members to take 15-minute walking breaks during “Walk It Wednesdays” – how creative! Oh yeah, and taking breaks increases creativity, too!!

Personally, I love to unplug by taking walks on campus, especially at this time of year. Our wonderful Grounds Services crews have worked hard this spring bringing the campus landscape back to life after the long winter. They’ve been seeding lawn areas needing repair, weeding and mulching landscape beds, and planting trees, shrubs and flowers. They perform this work while helping to meet the chemical reduction sustainability goal by using organic and low-impact products and expanding natural areas. They’re also reducing our carbon footprint by converting to battery-powered equipment. Please join me in thanking this dedicated team of professionals who care for our grounds and provide us with such a beautiful place to work – YOU FOLKS ROCK!!

And speaking of people who rock, yesterday Betty and I had the pleasure of attending the press conference to introduce our new men’s basketball coach, Juwan Howard.  Some may remember his name as a member of the Michigan Fab Five back in the 1990’s.  Coach Howard earned his Michigan degree and went on to play a staggering 19 years in the NBA.  It was quite the emotional moment for Coach as he was introduced and welcomed “home”.  His wife of many years and two of his sons attended with him.  Wow, what a nice person of high integrity.  Let’s all wish him and his family the best as he takes the helm and leads our Wolverines to even greater success, both on and off the court!

With much appreciation and gratitude,