From Kevin’s Desk: Getting better all the time – thanks to you (03/10/17)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

This week at our Leadership Forum, B&F Lean coach Krista Schulte provided an update on the Shared Services Center’s work to create a “Lean Model Area,” which aims to help all B&F learn more about applying Lean methods. Lean is an approach to continuous improvement designed to empower staff on the front lines to identify and solve problems, with the goal of improving customer service and reducing wasted resources, time, energy and effort. If you visit the SSC, you’ll see Lean idea boards in every workspace. Many other teams across B&F are already utilizing Lean, and we expect many more teams to engage the approach over the next year.

The improvements the Lean approach generates are real. The SSC time and leave team recently implemented an electronic solution to a process that previously required printing 22,000 pieces of paper a year. The new approach not only saves a lot of trees, but it also eliminates 45 minutes of work each day to sort and distribute hard copies. That’s a fantastic improvement! I want to congratulate everyone at the SSC for their great work, and thank them for their efforts to Make Blue Go even better. For more inspiration, check out this short video that highlights additional successes – these stories illustrate why Lean is a B&F strategic initiative.

As you may be aware, incredible wind gusts led to two major power outages at the university on Wednesday. Along with many others in Facilities & Operations, our utilities, maintenance and environmental health and safety teams worked tirelessly to get the campus back online, and to keep critical areas like our hospitals up and running. Please join me in thanking everyone involved.

With much appreciation and gratitude,