From Kevin’s Desk: Congratulations to Our Positive Energizers (4/17/2020)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

I hope you will join me in congratulating our B&F positive energizers who have successfully completed their challenge to engage 90% of our B&F staff in 90 days, furthering our goals to create a more positive and inclusive organization.  We could never have imagined we would face a global pandemic in the midst of this initiative, but I am so very grateful that our positive energizers have been serving in these important roles – we have needed their light and positive energy now, more than ever!

I am absolutely amazed by the creativity and ingenuity the positive energizers brought to their roles. Even when COVID-19 began to create major disruptions in our normal operations, they quickly adjusted their efforts to support teams working virtually, teams working in rotations or teams social distancing while working on campus. I invite you to check out many, many examples of their positive activities on our website. And, for a laugh, I also encourage you to watch this fun (and hilarious) video that celebrates the 90/90 Challenge. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, especially the bonus footage at the end! I think we can all agree, our positive energizers ROCK!!

Many of our positive energizers have encouraged their colleagues to regularly practice gratitude. As we all continue to navigate these challenging times, this advice couldn’t be more important.  I am so thankful for everyone in B&F who is doing exceptional work, going over-and-above to support the university, or is adapting to a new way of contributing. Thank you!

I think it’s especially important to acknowledge and thank those in our B&F family and other essential workers at the university whose jobs require them to remain on campus. The U-M Social team put together a wonderful video that I think sums it up perfectly: To those who can’t stay home, you are our champions. Please join me in thanking these remarkable colleagues for their critical work.

We will get through this together – Go Blue!

With much appreciation and gratitude,



P.S., Please post for staff who do not have regular access to email.