From Kevin’s Desk: Brakes Make Blue Go Faster (02/24/17)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday! Even though I’m not from the Motor City, I am a tried and true car guy.  I love to drive them, work on them and watch people race them.  Here’s a question: do you think brakes make cars go slower or faster?  Most people would answer slower, but in fact, a race car driver will tell you that brakes make a car go faster – they’re what allow a driver to remain in control to finish a race in less time than without them. This same principle applies to our work here at the university.  Brakes – whether they come in the form of policies and procedures or other forms of compliance – keep the university moving forward much faster than without them.

Each of us has a responsibility to know and follow university policy.  Many of our B&F teams, along with colleagues across the university, are dedicated to helping all of us comply.  These people are essential to ensuring our campus is safe, our assets are protected and the university acts ethically and legally.  Nothing will slow the university down faster than a major violation, huge financial loss or, worse yet, a life-threatening accident.  Our compliance work is critical to achieving the B&F strategic goal of stewardship in all its myriad forms, and it is critical to allowing the university to move forward rapidly.  So, the next time you hear someone express concern about the need to comply, please help them understand that the act of compliance does not make us go slower, it Makes Blue Go faster!

In many instances regulations and policies inspire innovation.  A great example is our work to safeguard the natural environment through the inventive and resourceful efforts of our Office of Sustainability.  I encourage you to learn more about environmental stewardship in action in the 2016 Sustainability Progress Report that was released earlier this week.  One thing that all of us around the globe have in common is that we live on the same planet.  Let’s take pride in everything we and our colleagues do each day to take care of it.  Go Planet Blue!

Thanks for all you do to keep this great university what it is today.

With much appreciation and gratitude,