From Kevin’s Desk: Blue Is Pretty Awesome! (03/23/18)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

I am so proud that U.S. News & World Report has once again ranked the University of Michigan’s graduate programs among the best in the nation.  In this year’s ranking of America’s Best Graduate Schools law, business, education, engineering, medicine, and nursing were listed in the top 20.  Rankings are just one measure of quality, but it is a significant accomplishment to have so many programs recognized in this way. Your work at the university directly contributes to the quality of the teaching and learning.  So this is recognition of your outstanding work!  You Make Blue Go – and Blue is pretty awesome!

Innovation is one of the hallmarks of our academic programs.  One way B&F supports advancement and innovation is through the Michigan Invests in New Technology Startups (MINTS) program.  Through MINTS, the Investment Office directly invests in companies with technology developed here at U-M.   Since its inception in 2011, the program has invested close to $24 million in 16 life sciences and seven physical sciences companies.  Ten of the ventures are based in Michigan and employ more than 100 people.  How cool is that!  You can read more about the MINTS program on our website.  Please join me in thanking our colleagues in the Investment Office for all they do to make this university great – you folks ROCK!

Next week is Spring Break for Ann Arbor and other schools.  I know many people will be out of the office spending time with family.  As I’ve said before, nothing is more important than taking time to be with family and loved ones; it is time so well invested.  For those of you going on break, I want to encourage you to turn off your email, unplug and give your loved ones your full attention.  As for me, I am out this week enjoying time in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with my family and friends.  My youngest son Sean turned 30 on the 18th.  While that could make me feel old, being with Sean and his friends makes me feel young.  Though I can’t physically keep up with the 30-year-olds anymore I can still run circles around them mentally!

Stay safe and thanks for all you do to make this university among the very best in the nation.

With much appreciation and gratitude,