From Kevin’s Desk: An Incredible Tribute to Our Staff (03/31/17)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

The university recently announced plans for a new art installation, which will be the first public tribute to staff on campus. Our own Jagdish (“Jack”) Janveja has made an extraordinary monetary gift of $100,000 toward the project.  Many of you know Jack in his current role as a project director in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, but he actually got his start in B&F as a civil engineer more than 50 years ago after graduating from U-M. Among many significant contributions over the past half-century, Jack has championed the installation of outdoor public art on campus.

This gift will help spotlight the critical roles staff play in supporting the university’s mission. The Office of the President and Voices of the Staff are co-sponsoring the artwork as part of the year-long bicentennial celebration. I know I’m not alone in saying we’re so humbled by Jack’s generosity, as well as his lifelong dedication to U-M. Please join me in thanking Jack for his support of this wonderful tribute, as well as the Voices of the Staff team and everyone involved in bringing this project to fruition. I am so pleased that the contributions of staff across the institution will be permanently recognized in this meaningful and public way.

The tribute to staff will be unveiled at the MStaff200 recognition event in June of this year as part of our university’s bicentennial celebration. We have a wonderful team of staff from across the university planning this event.  I hope that all of you are able to attend MStaff200 with me!

Jack is but one of the many, many staff members at this university who each day make contributions to this great university through their hard work and dedication.  These contributions are what make this great university what it is today.  I couldn’t be prouder of the work each of you do to Make Blue Go.

What’s your proudest moment as a university staff member? As someone who hasn’t been here for quite 50 years, I love hearing your Michigan stories.

With much appreciation and gratitude,