From Kevin’s Desk: A brighter organization (7/19/19)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy Friday!

Next week I will attend the annual executive officer retreat, where I will be interviewed by Ravi Pendse, vice president and chief information officer, about our work to create a positive and inclusive organization. It will be an opportunity to highlight the great work happening across B&F and the progress we are making toward our goals. While preparing for the interview, I came across an astounding statistic: in the last year alone, B&F departments and teams held nearly 500 events and activities designed to build relationships, connect teams to purpose, and support our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. How wonderful!

These activities and events are just some of what is happening to make our organization a more positive place to work. Last month, I asked you to share examples of “bright spots” you have noticed. Many people responded, sharing incredible stories about being part of a magical team, colleagues going the extra mile for customers, and the impact of supportive and caring relationships at work. If you have a bright spot to share, I hope you will take a few minutes to send me an email.

And speaking of bright spots, I encourage you to stop by one of the many M Farmers Markets, which are coordinated throughout the summer by our M-Healthy colleagues. They are a great way to get fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as support local farmers and farms (see here for the full list of days and locations). You can even sign up for a Vegetable-of-the-Week newsletter where you can learn more about what to do with your Farmers Market finds!

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend – it’s going to be another hot one!

With much appreciation and gratitude,


P.S., Please post for staff who do not have regular access to email.