From Kevin’s Desk: Elections, Walking, Welcoming Kelli Trosvig (11/11/16)

Dear B&F Colleague,

On Monday I received a plaque from my colleague and dear friend, Vice President Royster Harper, which reads, “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.” Little did she know how true and how relevant the statement would be for the challenging times in which we live. The national election is over. It is now time for all of us to come together as one people. My hope is that we will use this as a catalyst to focus on those things that can unite rather than divide us. One of those is our commitment to the University and to our core values of collaboration and respect which are demonstrated by B&F staff every day.

Here are some updates I thought you might find interesting:

  • In January we will welcome incoming Regent Ron Weiser to the Board of Regents. Regent Denise Ilitch was re-elected. Regent Larry Deitch will be leaving the board. Please join me in thanking Regent Deitch for 24 years of exceptional public service.
  • Kudos to the B&F and U-M staff who worked behind the scenes this week to ensure that the fourth visit of President Obama to U-M was a great success.
  • Many thanks to Colleen Greene of MHealthy and Catherine Lilly who joined me for a walk and talk across the campus this week. It is a wonderful time to get out, see the campus and get some exercise. I’ll be organizing other walks, so be on the lookout and come join me!
  • On Monday, November 14, we welcome Kelli Trosvig as the University’s Vice President and Chief Information Officer. With Kelli’s arrival, our ITS colleagues will no longer report to the B&F Portfolio. However, we will continue to value them as the close friends and partners they have always been and wish Kelli and ITS great success in the future.

As always, I’d love to hear your comments, suggestions or questions. It remains my hope and goal to build an environment in which we are all comfortable speaking candidly and able to disagree in a way that is respectful and productive. We are fortunate to work with such a wonderful and interesting group of people who are united by this great University of Michigan!

Thank you for all you do to Make Blue Go.

Best regards,

Kevin P. Hegarty
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
University of Michigan