F&O Supports Community Events

The Ann Arbor Summer Festival (A2SF) and the Ann Arbor Art Fair are popular summer attractions, a source of community pride and a huge undertaking for those involved in event logistics. Together, the two events draw almost 500,000 people to town—the Summer Festival (A2SF) attracts more than 80,000 people and about 400,000 attend the Art Fair each year. B&F staff play a critical role in ensuring things run smoothly for vendors, performers and attendees.

Moving & Trucking staff Hayden Parsons, Brevin Malach, and Chad Davison haul a box of barricades to the installation site.

F&O outdoor events staff members work with the Community Relations Office to help manage logistics associated with summer festivals and communicate with the various departments across F&O. This collaboration is part of the U-M Office of Government Relations’ role coordinating partnerships, services, and links between the university, local government, and community organizations representing the greater Ann Arbor area.

For example, Moving & Trucking—part of Logistics, Transportation & Parking—coordinates with outdoor events staff and community event representatives to install over 75 barricades around each event once the vendors are in place.

Chad Davison and Lindsey Williams work together to install barricades.

The Ann Arbor Summer Festival is extremely grateful to the Moving & Trucking staff,” says Michael Michelon, A2SF Executive Director. “In the world of live event production, details are always evolving and we’ve found the M&T team to be wonderful partners in problem-solving and employing creative solutions to produce this beloved, annual city and university partnership.”


Outdoor events staff also walk the events to address any issues. They look for things like tripping hazards, compliance with ADA and fire code regulations, sufficient waste bins and service to keep the area tidy, and more.

Marissa Killian, Special Events Project Manager, says, “It’s hectic at times, but it’s great for the community.”

Thanks to all our F&O colleagues who work behind the scenes to bring these beloved summer traditions to life!