Finance Promotes Values and Employee Recognition

It’s hard to find your way around Finance these days and not see the organization’s values prominently displayed in one way or another! These values serve as the foundation for Finance’s approach to positive leadership and employee engagement, which have been a focus in the organization for several months.

Finance values:

  • One Finance—Speak with one voice to the U-M community and treat each other with trust and respect.
  • Our Customers—Partner with our customers and use our expertise and resources to help them achieve their goals.
  • Our teams—Offer our teams challenging opportunities to grow, learn, and contribute. 

The effort to promote these values began in June and included a special message from Nancy Hobbs, associate vice president for finance, which accompanied a mouse pad and wallet card that was given to every Finance employee. Beyond that, the values are displayed on posters throughout Finance’s different locations.

In addition, managers and supervisors received a paperweight that includes four principles of highly effective employee recognition programs:

    • Be specific
    • Be sincere
    • Be creative
    • Do it frequently

The paperweight serves as a reminder about the importance of acknowledging the contributions—both large and small—that Finance employees make to Finance, B&F, and U-M. Finance’s HR Department is maintaining the momentum with monthly messages to managers and supervisors that include tips and suggestions for effective employee recognition.

Finally, Finance leaders have attended two interactive workshops on positive leadership in recent months. The workshops focused on the many benefits of positive leadership and how using this approach with employees and even family members and friends can have a meaningful and long-lasting impact. Both workshops were moderated by Shawn Quinn, an instructor at the U-M Ross School of Business, who teaches courses on leadership, change, and innovation. In a post-workshop survey for one of the sessions, all respondents said they would apply positive leadership concepts in their departments.

That’s incredibly impressive feedback, but Finance isn’t stopping with just two workshops! The division is already planning other workshops through next spring with Shawn that will further explore how positive leadership can help the organization excel.