On-the-Job Training Program Builds Careers

In Facilities & Operations, the EWOC program provides on-the-job training for staff who are interested in transitioning to a new role (that’s Employees Working Out of Classification, not Ewok, the furry creature in Star Wars!). 

The EWOC program places staff such as custodians, groundskeepers, parking attendants, parking maintenance staff, and bus drivers temporarily in other positions for 6 months. Staff can try out a trainee position as a maintenance mechanic, stockkeeper, or pest specialist, among other roles. This

mentorship and training gives the EWOCs valuable experience that helps when they want to apply for a position in a different field. 

Lori Lawson, a maintenance mechanic based out of the Maintenance North Campus Region, is a great example of how the program can help people explore new areas and advance their careers. Lori had been a custodian for two years when she heard that the EWOC program was accepting new applicants.

With support from her Custodial Services supervisor and help from her sister with her resume, Lori applied to the program and was accepted for an EWOC position in Maintenance. The program has since expanded to provide professional development classes, including resume-writing and interview skills.

Lori was excited about the opportunity saying, “Having seen the mechanical rooms as a custodian, I just wanted to get in there and learn how all those huge machines work!” 

Lori did two rotations as an EWOC, returning to Custodial Services after each one, then applied and was hired into a Maintenance Mechanic position in August 2015. She has since been promoted to Maintenance Mechanic 3. She shares, “I have an insatiable drive to learn,” expressing gratitude that the EWOC experience helped her learn new skills and earn a full-time position in Maintenance.


Learn about the impact of the EWOC program as former participants share their stories in the video below: