Celebrating Cultural Traditions at the Glazier Way Children’s Center

No matter what your holiday tradition may be, holidays around the world hold one common theme: celebrating love and culture. The staff at the Glazier Way Children’s Center are always excited to learn about the celebrations of all the children in the center through various hands-on activities, music, and dance.

The staff make an effort to expose the children to the many holidays and events of various cultural, social, and religious origins in our community (Asian Lunar New Year, United Nations Day, Diwali, DiversAbility Day). Several of the children come from families of mixed ethnicity and are being brought up in multicultural and multi-religious environments. The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to experience the richness of all these cultural traditions, exposing the children to the diverse customs and traditions of the world. 

In the gallery below, explore how the staff at the Glazier Way Children’s Center created hands-on experiences for the children– focusing on the lights, colors, and activities of the holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

To celebrate the traditions of ChristmasLights to decorate the houses, sending holiday greetings through letters, writing to Santa, demonstrating the joy and excitement of receiving gifts and ripping the wrapping paper in anticipation of the gift inside.  

To celebrate the traditions of Hanukkah: Lighting the candles of the Menorah, spinning dreidels, and flipping delicious potato latkes from the pan to the plate right before you eat them. Glitter blue play-dough, white and silver stickers and cookie cutters were used to embellish special Hanukkah greeting cards for loved ones.

To celebrate the traditions of Kwanzaa: Setting the table for the special Kwanzaa dinner with friends and family. Exploring the colors of red, black, and green that are represented in the candles of the Kwanzaa kinara. Making unique crafts to give to friends for this week-long celebration.